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A Koen Vanmechelen Foundation


​​MOUTH is a not-for-profit organization that brings together art, science and people for the realisation of a new, more constructive social and ecological balance.
The work of Belgium artist Koen Vanmechelen is the transformational motor in what we do.  His work with science and communities expands the concept of art far outside the galleries and museums.
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MOUTH projects

MOUTH supports artist Koen Vanmechelen in the realisation of his all encompassing art projects.  ​Our ideas are rooted in the value of biocultural diversity, resilience and circular development. Our projects connect people worldwide to realise its practical applications.
Discover our different projects and partners around the world:
PCC - Planetary Community Chicken,
Belgium, Detroit, Denmark, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia
Human Rights Pavilion - World Tour
Chile, Belgium, Mexico, Finland, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland 
SOTWA - circularity through art
Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia
LUCY - democratic food, sustainability in the food chain,
The Netherlands


MECC - interconnectivity,  Mushroom, Egg, Chicken, Camelid
Zimbabwe, Belgium
Human Rights Pavilion - Join the conversation, art and human rights. An evolving artwork gaining momentum over the next two years.
Bio data bank & research projects - unique cohort of diversity




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MOUTH in the world

MOUTH operates globally with Global Open Farms in  Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Belgium and the US. Our local partners are critical in the implementation and development of what we do.  
MOUTH is based out of LABIOMISTA in Genk, Belgium.  Our meeting places are unconventional, global, open, inspirational, universal and unique.
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We preserve the unique biodiversity samples of our chickens and support in-field livestock research for sustainable development.  Read more about our biodatabank and collaboration with science.
Read more about how we bring together art, science and communities to build healthy, sustainable communities on the values of both biological and cultural diversity.
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This is not about chickens, this is about humanity