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"With stronger, more resilient chickens we aim to create a possibility for communities

to sustain their own eco-system,

one in which biodiversity is a key building block."

CHIDO GOVERA, Social Entrepreneur, The Future of Hope Foundation, Zimbabwe


Project and Local Partner

In the summer of 2016, the twentieth generation of Koen Vanmechelen’s Cosmopolitan Chicken, the most genetically diverse strain yet, was born and introduced to the public at the National Gallery in Harare. It was crossed with a local commercial hen and its offspring is now being distributed to local rural households by the Future of Hope Foundation, as a product of their “Integrated Food Production System”. The Future of Hope Foundation is set up and managed by local food expert and social entrepreneur Chido Govera to allow orphans and women in impoverished rural communities across Zimbabwe the opportunity to access nutritious food, jobs and income on a sustainable basis. It teaches the women and children how to convert agricultural waste (e.g. mushroom residue) into healthy food for the livestock and how to use chicken droppings as fertiliser for crops.
In addition to the practical skills of food production, soil conservation, water and waste management, the programme includes teaching around general life skills such as hygiene, sexuality and femininity, communication and expression (through storytelling, art and performance), community building and leadership practices. Through a train-the-trainer program, Chido encourages young women to be entrepreneurs and change agents in their own communities. 


National Museum of Harrare
PCC Chickens at the Future of Hope
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