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Research Projects


Collaboration with the International Livestock Research Institute and the Ethiopian Institute of Agriculture Research to identify a productive and resilient chicken strain for Sub-saharan Africa. Crossing the CCP with a selected high productive low input strain in Ethiopia.

Blood sampling

The Cosmopolitan Research Project. Using state of the art genome techniques, the project studies the effects of the crossing of chickens on genetic diversity. Catholic University Leuven.

La Biomista Bio and Story databank. Samples and biodata from Vanmechelen's different generations hybrids and Planetary Community Chickens are collected and retained to enable future research.

In statu Nascendi

Evolution of a Hybrid. In statu Nascendi: An artist's dialogue with genotyping and phenotyping of chicken out-crossing. Conveying complex scientific data interpretation on chicken genetics to a wider audience. Catholic University Leuven.

Book of Genomes. Diversity of Vanmechelen’s chicken compared to the reference genome, using SNP genotyping and whole genome sequencing. Hendrix Genetics.

Frozen Culture

Frozen Culture. As a result of the bird flu pandemic, genetic material of the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project was safeguarded by freezing the sperm.


Kiwi-Egg Project. The introduction of chicken as natural eradicator of insects and weeds in kiwi and other small fruit farms. University Ghent.

MECC. Mushroom, Egg, Chicken, Camelid: advanced integration in an African Farming System. University Ghent.

Bio-MatriX. Genetic diversity in immunity and resistance. University Ghent, VIB, IWT

Signature of selection and introgression within the Genus Gallus: insight from whole genome sequence analysis. University of Nottingham.

Golden Spur. After having lost a spur in a battle, a rooster was treated by a surgical team to provide a bone-achored support and golden spur. Operation performed by Dr. Luc Vrielinck, Genk.

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