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Sometimes scientific discovery begins outside the lab. MOUTH wants to use art to contribute to science.
Since its beginnings in 1999, the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project (CCP) has produced over 20 generations of crossbreeds. The current generation has a genetic diversity of three to five times that of a normal commercial chicken, leading to greater resilience, adaptability and fertility.  With a new purebred bird introduced to the CCP strain every year, this non time-limited project offers up a potential future snapshot of all chicken breeds on the planet.
MOUTH harnesses the research potential of the CCP project through:
  • The Laboratory:  the provision of open-access samples and data for basic biological and medical research 
  • Field Science: livestock research to help improve nutrition outcomes and raise the incomes and status of vulnerable people
  • People: citizen-led enquiries and cross-disciplinary discussions into the impact, challenges and possibilities of biocultural diversity
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