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We want to change the world with chickens

MOUTH is proud to be backed by a group of creatively inspired, socially engaged and highly individual chickens. They constitute the most genetically diverse domesticated chicken population in the world. We believe they have the potential to change the world.

Art-led and Evidence-based

For nearly 20 years, Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen has been crossbreeding different iconic strains of chicken to create a living work of art, and to encourage audiences to engage on the subjects of diversity and identity. Since then, the Cosmopolitan Chicken Project (CCP) has produced a range of multi-disciplinary art works and over 20 generations of the Cosmopolitan Chicken, each generation more genetically diverse than the last. 
Vanmechelen's art extends across multiple art forms and disciplines and now involves a wide variety of species and organisms, including pigs, camelids, mushrooms and cows. In 2016, the artist launched the Planetary Community Chicken (PCC) project to introduce the genetic diversity of the CCP to communities globally.
When two Belgian doctors – Philip Remans and Luc Vrielinck – spotted the potential of the work for scientific research and sustainable development, they decided to join forces with Vanmechelen to create MOUTH.

Team and Partners

MOUTH was officially launched in 2016. Its work is powered by the curiosity, creativity and optimism of all those who support it.
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Operating Principles

The chickens MOUTH works with are much loved. MOUTH engages closely with communities and partners to ensure all its initiatives comply with humane and ethical standards of practice.
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Visit our Global Open Farms around the world and read more about how
we want to change the world, one chicken at a time
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